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For all organizations that have appointed confidential counsellors. The system can be used by internal and/or external confidential counsellors. TrusTool has different versions for companies, sports clubs, schools and healthcare organizations. Organizations of external confidential counselors are also well-equipped to work withTrusTool.
Of course. You choose how many confidential counsellors are added to the digital environment set up for your organisation. The person reporting can choose the confidential counsellor they wish to interact with.
Yes, most definitely! Your own confidential counsellors can use TrusTool.

Yes, the logo of your organization will be added. The names, photos and telephone numbers of the confidential counsellors will also be added.
This means that if a person reporting scans the QR code or activates the reporting link, the person reporting will be directed to a landing page with the logo and name of your organisation.

The languages in which TrusTool is set up are Dutch and English. The person reporting can choose their preferred language.

That is certainly possible. We are happy to advise you on how and where TrusTool can best be used.

Yes, TrusTool is wholly compliant with the provisions laid down in the GDPR. TrusTool does not request more personal data than is necessary to help the person reporting. The person who does not make an anonymous report is asked to agree to the processing of the necessary personal data and is given the opportunity to access their own file. They can request the confidential counsellor to correct and/or delete data. 

The personal data of the person reporting will never be used for any commercial or other purposes.

We use the services of an application manager for the hosting and management of our application. For its information security, this application manager has, among other things, an ISO 27001 certification and meets all legal requirements in the field of personal data protection and security measures. Data collected and processed in the Netherlands is stored within the EU (European Union) and therefore always remains within the EU.

Advice and further support are certainly possible. The lawyers associated with TrusTool have an in-depth knowledge of complaint policies, codes of conduct and much more. They also keep track of all relevant laws and regulations.
Implementing a code of conduct, complaints procedure and appointing a confidential counsellor is a necessary first step according to the Working Conditions Act. TrusTool provides a professional follow-up process. In our experience, this is lacking in many organizations. An organization often provides information about the confidential counsellor on its own website, but no further process has been implemented. TrusTool enables the following:
  • Easy confidential contact with the confidential counsellor by means of an external reporting system.
  • Reporting anonymously in a secure environment that can only be accessed by the confidential counsellor.
  • The confidential counsellor has a secure digital file where they keep track of the reporting process.
  • The person reporting has access to their own file.
  • The confidential counsellor can create anonymous and aggregate reports of all reports periodically. This saves a great deal of time when compared to manual reporting.

Yes, the largest part of the implementation process is done by TrusTool:

  • TrusTool sets up the secure digital environment for the organization that includes the names of the confidential counsellors and logo.
  • TrusTool provides an online introduction session for the confidential counsellors.
  • TrusTool performs an expert review of policy documents in which reference is made to the confidential counsellor.
  • TrusTool provides an onboarding package.
  1. The organization ensures distribution of the reporting link and QR code that can used by persons wanting to report misconduct or request contact. This makes it very easy for persons reporting abuse to contact the confidential counsellor if necessary.
  2. As soon as the QR code has been scanned, the person reporting is directed to the secure environment. There, they can choose for either the Dutch or English language.
  3. The person reporting can also choose whether to report anonymously or not. In both cases, the person reporting will be guided through a short menu where the person reporting leaves further information.
  4. The person reporting will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of the report in e-mail, stating that they will be contacted by confidential counsellor.
  5. The confidential counsellor will receive a message that there is a new report in the portal (accessible only to that specific confidential counsellor). The confidential counsellor can log in to the portal by using two-step authentication.
  6. The confidential counsellor activates the file and takes the appropriate action in response. After activating the file, the confidential counsellor can give the person reporting access to their own file.
  7. The content of the report is stored in the secure file. Furthermore, the confidential counsellor can add additional information. This allows the confidential counsellor to keep record of when and what action was taken. And how much time was spent in the process. There is also a separate space for the confidential counsellor notes; the person reporting will not have access to that space.
  8. The confidential counsellor’s file is the basis for the reports. Periodic reports can be generated quickly and easily for the Board, HR or the Works Council. These graphs and data can easily be copied and pasted in other documents.
  9. The confidential counsellor can archive the file once the report has been completed. The file is deleted two years after the archive date.

An employer employing at least 50 employees must establish a procedure for reporting suspected abuse in the organisation. Such procedure, must stipulate the independent officer to whom the suspected abuse can be reported and the independent officer who will perform the careful follow-up on that report.

The Whistleblowers Protection Act stipulates that reporting must be able to be done in a number of different ways. In addition, the law requires that a confirmation of receipt must be sent within seven days. In the future, anonymous reporting should also be made possible. TrusTool caters for this.

If abuse is suspected with the meaning of the Whistleblowers Protection Act, the confidential counsellor can forward the report to the officer responsible for follow-up action.

A standard licence per month from EUR 30,00 excluding VAT. A one-off onboarding fee is also charged.

Our annual subscriptions can be canceled at the end of the annual term subject to a notice period of two months. Custom licences are available on request.

With TrusTool you get a complete package at a reasonable price. Our aim is to ensure thatTrusTool is affordable for and can be used by as many organizations as possible.

TrusTool is the digital solution for confidential counsellors

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