Digital solution

A complete process from reporting misconduct to the data dashboard

TrusTool is the digital solution for all organizations that have appointed confidential counsellors. TrusTool facilitates confidential counsellors in the performance of their duties and can be used by both internal and external confidential counsellors. Different versions are available for companies, sports clubs, schools and healthcare organizations.

The benefits of TrusTool

TrusTool ensures reporting  is easy and secure. The confidential counsellor is able to do their job easily and the privacy of the person reporting is properly protected.


Simply report using the QR code

The QR code ensures that confidential counsellors can be reached easily. The organization distributes the QR codes that can be used to make a report.


Choose: report anonymously or not

Once the QR code has been scanned, the person reporting is directed to the secure environment. There, you can choose between the Dutch or English language and whether you wish to make an anonymous or personalized report.


Confirmation of receipt

The person reporting who does so by name will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of their report by e-mail. The confidential counsellor will receive a text message that a new report has been made in the portal that is accessible only to that specific confidential counsellor.


Secure file

The confidential counsellor has a secure file where the process of the report is logged. The person reporting can also access their file. There is also a separate place for the confidential counsellor’s notes; the person reporting will not be allowed access thereto.


Data dashboard

The confidential counsellor can easily generate periodic anonymous overviews of all reports and relevant data for the Board, HR or the Works Council. The time saved is considerable when compared to manual reporting.

TrusTool builds trust

Interested in the options available to your organization?

TrusTool complete


€ 30,-

per month

What do you get?

All functionalities of TrusTool

  • Personalized portal (logo, photos)
  • Bilingual (NL – EN)
  • Email messages to the confidential counsellors when new reports are made
  • Two-step authentication
  • Onboarding package
  • Online instruction for the confidential counsellor
  • Review regulations and policies
  • Help desk functionality

Our annual subscriptions can be cancelled with effect from the end of the annual term with a notice period of two months. The fee for a standard licence per month from EUR 30,00/per year EUR 360,00 excluding VAT. In addition, you will be charged an one-off onboarding fee. Customized licenses are available on request.