Building trust

TrusTool enables confidential counsellors to properly perform their role in a professional manner. It is a role that is becoming increasingly important. As an organization, you want to detect signs early on so that you can intervene if there is an unsafe situation or abuse. This can prevent escalation, absenteeism, reputational damage and conflicts.
TrusTool’s digital solution also works as a prevention tool. It communicates that, as an organization, you stand for social safety and integrity.

Expertise and practical experience

TrusTool is an initiative launched by Dorianne Broekman. She has been working as an employment lawyer for over 30 years. In this role, she has frequently dealt with cases involving integrity issues, abuse, unethical behaviour and unsafe working environments. In effect, there are only losers in such cases. Preventing escalation is her preferred solution. Confidential counsellors can play an important role in this respect.
Dorianne is also a certified confidential counsellor and she developed TrusTool to further professionalize the role of confidential counsellors.

Dorianne Broekman

As a confidential counsellor, I was faced with the fact that employees often have to approach a confidential counsellor using a company email address. But who has access to this email? Who sees that email? Where does a confidential counsellor store the information about the reports? Does this process meet the requirements laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation?
I also spoke to coordinating confidential counsellor who spent a great deal of time preparing annual aggregate data reports. I believed that there was an easier way to do this. And so, TrusTool was born− based on practical experience.

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TrusTool is the digital solution for confidential counsellors

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More services provided by TrusTool

The team at TrusTool are experts in the field of complaints procedures, codes of conduct and whistleblower regulations. They mainly have a legal background and are aware of all current laws and regulations. We gladly use their expertise to assist and advise with regard to the reporting process at companies, sports clubs, schools and healthcare institutions. If required, we can also provide confidential counsellors.